About Us

Our Mission

The Speed Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada aims to preserve and restore coldwater resources in the Speed Valley and Eramosa River through stream rehabilitation, data collection, and public awareness campaigns in the region.

Area of Interest

The Speed River flows through Wellington County and the Region of Waterloo in western Ontario, Canada. It flows south from its source near Orton, through Guelph, where it is joined by the Eramosa River, then through the towns of Hespeler and Preston, finally uniting with the Grand River in north-west Cambridge. The Speed Valley Chapter’s mission is to work with landowners and other like-minded groups in preserving, enhancing, and conserving coldwater habitats within the Speed River watershed.

Chapter History

Originally, in partnership with the Wellington County Stewardship Council (WCSC), the Speed Valley Chapter worked to help improve water quality and restore habitat for the small, fragile trout population in the hopes of stabilizing and growing the population in Marden Creek. Work on this creek has included a dam removal and bypass, bank rebuilding, stream channel narrowing, and temperature and fish population monitoring. The Brook Trout population has rebounded spectacularly because of all the work done and as of fall 2010 when the last large dam was removed, Brook Trout now have access to the Speed River again.